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I booked a rental car with Thrifty in JFK airport on June 7th. The reservation Full size sedan from Saturday to Thursday.

I went to the rental car place at 11 PM with my wife and 3 years old kid and 9 check-in bags. The lady there told me that she could not honor the reservation since her computers were down. I told her that I had already done the reservation and I would need the car. She kept insisting the fact that she couldn't do anything.

I asked her what can be done, since it was nearing midnight and I was with my wife and kid and all the luggage. She told me to take another shuttle and to the Dollar or Hertz rental store where they would honor the reservation. I immediately took the free shuttle and went to Dollar. The time was already 11:50 PM.

There were 5-6 customers before me in the ***, I stood in the *** for about 1 hour 30 minutes. I was also on call with the thrifty customer care who refused to help, stating that the department I connected to was either road side assistance or reservation department. They also told me that the customer care would only be available between Monday and Friday in the normal business hours. They also told me that I could call us between Monday to Friday and get the compensation.

I heard the manager saying that she was short of cars and that she would honor only those who had booked their rentals with Dollar. That was when my turn came to speak to the manager. I told her the whole situation and I also told her that the lady in Thrifty told me that Dollar would honor the reservations made at Thrifty. She didn't agree to that and she asked me to wait until all the customers of dollar are gone.

She then asked me to make a new reservation. This new reservation was $120 higher than the reservation I had with Thrifty. But, since I had no choice I took it. On Monday when I called thrifty, they told me that since I had not returned the car from dollar back, they cant speak about the higher rental price I paid or about the compensation.

When I asked them, that I need to speak to the manager, they would transfer the call to Dollar or Hertz. After about 10-15 calls, I had a chance to speak to some Manager from Dollar and he accepted to honor the contract that I made with Thrifty and he reduced the price of the new reservation to match the price that I had already booked for. But he told me that I had to get in touch with Thrifty to get the compensation.

Every time I call thrifty to speak about the compensation for the 3.5 hours of time lost and roaming around in the midnight with a 3 years old kid and wife with 9 luggage. They keep transferring me to a different department.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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