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The car rental was a good value. However, the post rental activities would be a text book case for how to lose market share. I received a notice concerning tolls ($14.50) and an exorbitant administrative fee ($90) even though I paid for the all inclusive plate pass. I called the number on the notice thinking it was Thrifty, but it was a third-party. I told them of my situation and they told me the record did not show that I had purchased the plate pass and therefore I would be charged unless I could provide proof otherwise. They wanted me to go find my agreement showing where I paid for it and then they would research it and let me know. This was an ugly conversation.

I thought this was absolutely ridiculous so I tried to call Thrifty direct. After multiple calls, the only way I could get a live person who actually worked for Thrifty, was to call the rental line. When I finally reached a live person they had to transfer me. The next person looked up my agreement and said yes I had purchased it. They told me the company they worked with had a glitch that sent out a bunch of emails by mistake. That was not my experience- they flat out told me I did not purchase it. The live person said I would have to contact their third-party with my correct information. Talk about making a bad situation worse!!!!!!

Thrifty knew they had an issue, they knew the company they contracted with was wrong and then rather than correct the issue themselves, they make their customers correct the problem. Talk about making a bad situation worse. This has got to be the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced. Shame on them for working with an inept partner and shame on the not taking corrective action.

I paid $58 for the convenience of not having to deal with paying $14.50 in tolls. That $58 convenience turned into a 2.5 hour frustrating series of calls to overcome the incompetence of two companies.

I will not be renting from Thrifty again.

Review about: Thrifty Car Rental Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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