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Last November, I made a reservation online for a full-size car. Arrived at Thrifty at 220 Yonge St, Toronto, to be told that the only vehicle they have is a minivan. They claim that they can't guarantee that a certain class of car will be available. Well, maybe not, but they lost my business because if it. At the time, I was pissed and decided that I would not make another reservation with Thrifty again, especially as it seems they have no idea what type of car will be available at a given location... and yes Thrifty, there is a difference between a car and a minivan.

Fast forward to April 2013. Being a forgiving soul and believer in second chances, I decided to give Thrifty another shot. Having learned my lesson, I made sure to call ahead to check on vehicle availability. The rep I spoke with told me that cars were available, so having already made the reservation, I went down to the rental location.When I arrived, there were about 4 people head of me, and with only 1 rep working, it took about 25 mins to be served. Nonetheless, when I got to the counter, I was greeted by the rep and gave him my driver's license and credit card. His first question to me was, "Is this your first time renting from Thrifty?" I said "Yes, first time". He then proceeded to input all my information into the computer (which seemed to take forever), and then we discussed coverages, vehicle type, etc. Finally, after all this, he says to me: "As this is your first time renting with Thrifty, I am going to require a second piece of Photo ID."

WHAT?! First of all, NOWHERE was I ever informed that I would need to bring a second piece of photo ID. Not on the website, not on my rental confirmation they emailed me, not even in the fine print terms and conditions which I painstakingly read through was there ANY MENTION of needing 2 pieces of photo ID. Even this same douche bag I spoke with on the phone could have advise me of that, but nope.Secondly, I have been renting cars from other agencies for YEARS and have NEVER had to produce anything more than my driver's license and credit card. So Thrifty is making 2 assumptions here - #1, Their first-time customers are just going to somehow know that they need 2 pieces of ID, and #2, Everyone has a second ID (like a passport) that they walk around with all the time.

When I told the guy that I've been renting for years with just my DL & CC, he then had the gall to tell me that if I was opening up a bank account that I would need 2 pieces of ID. "Well I'm not here to open up a bank account, I am?" The imbecile then said, "Look man, we are renting $30K vehicles here…" Oh really? Because that piece of *** Mazda 2 you’ve got lined up for me is worth about 9 grand at best.

He said he could call his manager but I will be told the same thing. So I left the place, deciding instead to complain to Corporate instead of to the local manager, as most of the supervisors and managers are all low-level immigrant plebs with no ability to change anything, such as this BS policy.


Following this debacle, I went straight to HERTZ and rented a car with those same two pieces of ID, with no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend HERTZ.


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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada #914026

This is racist !

Immigrant plebs !!

Should be removed !

North York, Ontario, Canada #813709

Come see for yourself the great service ,deals and cars available ! Always 3 side to the story there ours and the Truth !

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