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  • (800) 847-4389
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  • (877) 283-0898

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  • (239) 301-7000


  • (201) 307-2000
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(800) 847-4389
Total calls: 321 Issues resolved: 10 Last call: Dec 4, 2023

How Do I Contact Thrifty Car Rental Customer Service by Phone?

The Thrifty customer service number is 1-800-334-1705. Using this contact, you can get general information and help with any issue regarding the vehicle you’ve rented or want to rent.

If you need to contact headquarters, call Thrifty corporate number: 1-800-847-4389. You can also dial this number outside business hours for issues concerning damaged, stolen, or in an accident car.
The Thrifty Car Rental phone number for International customers is 1-405-773-7980.

You can reach the On-Rent Help Desk at 1-877-283-0898. This Thrifty phone number deals with early or late return fees.

If you experience problems with activating the service, text 1-855-954-3789. You can report traffic and toll violations at 1-877-759-5826.

How Do I Contact Thrifty Car Rental Customer Support via Email Address?

The Thrifty Car Rental customer service email is You can email Thrifty Car Rental for information and answers. This contact can also be used as the Thrifty Car Rental complaints email.

If you need to report an accident, fill out the Vehicle Incident form on their Customer Care page, and send it to the following Thrifty contact email:

The Thrifty Car Rental email for issues regarding traffic and toll violations is The PlatePass inquiries can be resolved via this Thrifty email contact:

The requests and forms, sent to Thrifty customer service email, will be answered on a first-come basis during regular business hours.

Can I Contact Thrifty Car Rental Customer Care via Live Chat?

You can access the Thrifty customer service chat through their website. On the Customer Care page, you will find an online form that you can use to send your questions regarding rates and reservations. The online chat is a convenient option when the phone lines are busy, or you don't know which contact number to choose.

You can also chat with Thrifty Car Rental customer service via social media. The Thrifty customer service team is ready to assist with any questions and concerns on their social channels.

What Are Thrifty Car Rental Support Business Hours?

The business hours for the customer helpline are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

The company headquarters’ number is also the Thrifty 24 hour contact number. You can call it to report incidents with the car outside regular working hours. It also is a toll-free reservation number.

The requests and forms sent to Thrifty Car Rental contact email are usually answered during regular business hours: Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm CST.

Contact Information

Thrifty Car Rental Website:

Thrifty Car Rental Help Center:

Corporate Office Address:

Hertz Corporation
8501 Williams Rd
Estero, Florida 33928
United States

Thrifty Car Rental Customer Service Reviews

1.2 / 5
Steve D Jge
Bait and switch tactics and cars w/dry rotted tires!
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Filed a complaint w/Thrifty because they didn't have a car I reserved and instead downgraded us to a smaller car that wasn't suitable for our drive, while still charging the larger car's fee. I requested later they take the car back and upgrade us to something larger at the same cost as the original reservation for our 500-mile interstate hwy trip, but instead they closed the case with only an explanation of why it happened w/out an offer to help.

Things got worse when we stepped out the next day at 7 a.m. to begin our trip to find the right rear tire was flat on the small Chevy Trax we were given. Turned out ALL 4 tires were heavily worn/dry rotted, BADLY cracked on the sidewalls and between the tread (see pics). I called the CS number and was told they would replace the car if we took it back to BNA.

I changed the flat and we drove to BNA to exchange where they charged us $7 for the fuel for the 10 miles we drove their defective car! We needed to be in Durham, NC by 7pm w/it being an hour ahead, so we were already late. I hoped Thrifty would restart our rental time due to the trouble/loss of time, but they did not. We noticed that later when nearing the end of the day after completing our task in Durham, so we rushed to RDU to return it by 8 pm getting there 5 minutes past the 30-minute grace period, for which they charged us an extra hour fee.

The fuel charge was going to be over $10 per gal (!), despite the BNA office charging $3-$4 per gal if not filled, which is why we didn't take the time to stop for fuel. The check-in guy there was kind enough to give me a break on the fuel, but still charged for the extra time on top of the gas cost from that morning. I had to explain the whole situation for him to give me a break on fuel. I appreciated that, but the whole thing stunk and was made worse by Thrifty not being gracious by adding extra charges and not restarting the rental time that morning when given the replacement vehicle.

All this after the initial rep at BNA wouldn't admit they were out of our reserved car, instead beginning the interaction by trying to upgrade me to a more costly "more comfortable vehicle" W/OUT telling me the real issue. He finally admitted they were out of that size when I asked where it was. He offered only the small Chevy Trax at my same reserved price while claiming it was mid-sized like a Nissan Rogue - which was untrue! I would've been fine with a Rogue-sized car, but instead, we got a compact with high miles and dry-rotted tires.

It felt like I was dealing with sleazy used car salesman trying to snooker me with premium car deals/add-ons that amounted to more than our initial reservation cost. All this could have been avoided if they'd been as nice as Avis car rental at DIA in March, when we arrived to find the Toyota RAV4 reserved was depleted, so they upgraded us without question and at no ex charge to a larger, more expensive Toyota 4Runner. Avis was out of cars at BNA, which is why we had to rent from Thrifty.

We did FINALLY get the car we initially reserved, but only after all of that chaos, really bad customer service, and a super dangerous first car. Very, very bad business!

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Cameron D Gsz
Lost our keys, they gave us random ones instead.
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

Rented a car from the pdx airport and mistakenly left our house/car keys in the rental. They said they had them so it didn't seem to be a big issue we would just go pick them up.

Nope! We needed an appointment. Okay, schedule an appointment to retrieve our property after trying to navigate their nightmare customer service system. Nope!

They didnt have them. We were asked to make another. After meeting back up with them at the airport again we finally got keys. At this point it has been nearly 2 months of trying to get them.

Great, at least we got them right?! Nope! Not our keys. After telling them they are the wrong keys they said "just try them and if they dont work then throw them away".

Ffs so now they are giving us random peoples property to appease us and make us go away. Well, this review is for us and the other poor bastards that had their property lost, found and knowingly givin to the wrong party. On their behalf i send thrifty a hearty *** Their policy and systems in place for their lost and found are broken and probably indicitive of how the rest of the company is ran. I will not do business with them again nor will the poor *** whos keys we ended up with.

Thrifty=incompetence. Not recommended.

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No gas in car when rented

Rented car on Friday July 28 at Kahului HI airport location, rental record number 42912****, reservation number K5084****F3, Agent advised rented Tahoe and pick the car of choice. Only Infinity cars available to choose from, parking lot attendant said there would be a delay until they could find on, did not know how long.

Decided to take Infinity that was in lot. Did not check gas level prior to leaving lot. Drove about 30 miles to Lahaina and low gas light came on. Found station and had to place 19.118 gallons of gas in vehicle at price of $4.949 due to shell discount of $.03 cents.
Called Thrifty number on rental agreement, placed on hold - no one answer after 11.32 hold.

Recalled number and could not get answer. Reading agreement, appeared number called closed at noon, so, so recalled number and was connected to roadside service. Explained situation and was advised to report the issue to customer care.

Attempted to follow her instructions for the link, but could not understand the lady I was talking with due to a hearing impairment. Hence writing to file complaint which she said would be resolved when I returned the car if I sent the issue to customer service today.
Please advise if I need to do anything else or contact a different department.
Thank you.
George Fougeron

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Mia S Jvk
Lack of Staff and Cars
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

My reservations was made on May 17, 2023 and my confirmation number is
K495234****. When we arrived to Thrifty/Dollar customer service line at 12:40 am after I flight was delayed, it was pure chaos, there were hundreds of people in line waiting on cars.

After several minutes in line the manager informed us that they were short of staff and cars. He informed us at that time he was not sure if they were able to accommodate the masses of customers with reservations. After waiting and waiting my husband and I left. My husband returned the next morning, same issue, this time the staff while on standing at the counters with the masses of people waiting in line for cars they did not have.

At this time Thrifty was waiting for the return of rental in order to accommodate the masses of reservations. This is poor business practice as well as customer service.

This customer reserved to many cars and were not able to fulfill their obligation to customers. I NEVER was able to get a car and had to spend my vacation without a car because this company dropped the ball.

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How Good is Thrifty Car Rental's Customer Service?

Kynzee Urc
Kynzee Urc
Feels Disappointed | Nov 18, 2023

Had a 15 rentals I had more than eight issues with Thrifty. I’m done with them. They’re too difficult to get a hold of to resolve issues and they’re always trying to wheel and deal in their favor and are not customer service friendly. Their reward program is worthless.

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Gifford Qhg
Gifford Qhg
Feels Disappointed | Oct 21, 2023

Worst experience I have ever had renting a car I reserved a car at Seattle Airport ahead of time by two weeks got there tried to tell me I reserved a electric car I did not told them I wanted a gas car. Told me it was a 98 dollar upgrade so had to pay it its a scam money grab then charged me 36 dollars for road service coverage its there brand new car another money grab im telling everyone I know never ever rent from thrifty car renat that rippoff and they scam you

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Malerie Bil
Malerie Bil
Feels Satisfied | Oct 05, 2023


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christine m Zio
christine m Zio
Feels Disappointed | Aug 11, 2023

I booked through Expedia by bill at bill at counter was $690 but Thriffy bill my credit card 1015 I try numerous time to call them to explain the bill to me but unable to talk with a human.

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Christofer Vuq
Christofer Vuq
Feels Disappointed | Jul 23, 2023

Bad service

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Maylon Ltc
Maylon Ltc
Feels Satisfied | Jul 14, 2023

Great experience thank you

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Summary of Thrifty Car Rental Customer Service Calls

09:23 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call Thrifty Car Rental?

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “They charged me twice”
  • “Overcharged”
  • “Deposit”

Request for Information Question:

  • “I'm calling to find out if thrifty return my $500 deposit”
  • “Looking forward to getting back my refund”
  • “I need help with my rental car”

Refund Question:

  • “Refund”
  • “I was never refunded the 200.00 deposit of my car rental”
  • “My refund not back”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “Change reservation”
  • “Change booking”
  • “Need to speak to a live person regarding rental return”

Staff Question:

  • “Compliment two employees for excellent service”
  • “Bad customer service”
  • “Customer service”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Cancel reservation”
  • “Cancelation policy”
  • “Cancelled reservation, I was still charged”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “Lost our bag with keys in it while shifting from old car (damaged) to a new one”
  • “Sirius radio does not work”
  • “Damage in rentes car”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “Lost items”
  • “Lost item at Thrifty”
  • “Not arrived”

Cards Question:

  • “My credit card was charged for damages”
  • “Holds on cards from airport”
  • “I have no credit card only debit card can I deposit in cash?”

Account Question:

  • “Thrifty membership number”
  • “Password issues”
  • “Took to much money out of my account”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “The car we rented was for Dallas. The rental site was of airport site. Can we return the car to Dallas-Fort worth ?”
  • “I picked up a car late last night at Orlando MCO, upon getting into the car in the daylight I see the car has not been cleaned! You website says there is a Covid policy for our protection. I am horrified at the state of this car.”
  • “To complain about web site repeat failures in booking a car”

Employment Question:

  • “Apply for job”
  • “I want to job in thrifty”

Other Question:

  • “Financial”
  • “Accident”
  • “Car stolen”


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Thrifty Car Rental can be found in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This company is known as a leader in a car rental business. Right on the official website, customers can choose the most optimal time frames and rent a required car. Using simple filter, it may take just several minutes. In their car park, people can find compact, middle-sized, economy or even luxurious vehicles. That is why renting car for different purposes is not a problem today. Thrifty Car Rental has over 1000 locations in 77 countries. Finishing, we can add that Thrifty Car Rental offers franchise opportunities for small and big rental businesses.

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